Programs Offered

We offer private lessons in all band and orchestral instruments as well as piano, voice and guitar. Music theory and technique are included in each lesson. At the end of the semester, students are encouraged to perform in a studio recital in the Emile Pandolfi Recital Hall.

childrens piano lessonsCary School of Music Strings Ensemble is made up of several outstanding advanced strings students who are available to perform in and around the community for receptions, art shows, and other events. For more information about the group, please call the CSM office at 919-460-0052.

The programs that we offer here at Cary School of Music include the following:

Students enrolled in piano programs at CSM range in age from pre-school to adult and are studying at beginning through advanced levels. Experienced faculty members teach a variety of styles including classical, pop, jazz, and improvisational. Music theory and technique are included in each lesson. At the end of the semester, students are encouraged to perform in a studio recital in the CSM Recital Hall. Once a year, the CSM Piano Festival is held. Students perform before an adjudicator and each is presented with a written critique and a certificate of accomplishment. Those who have prepared an outstanding audition for that year are invited to perform in an Honor's Recital and are recipients of special awards at that event. Contests and festivals are available in the community and many students prepare to enter these at the discretion of the instructor.

acoustic guitar lessonsGUITAR
CSM guitar instructors offer lessons to students of all ages and abilities in a variety of styles on acoustic and electric guitar, including bass guitar. Very small instruments for younger students are available at Cary Music Supply.

Lessons are offered in violin, viola, cello, and bass. Students are coached in both traditional and Suzuki methods and can join the program at any age and level. Many students are enrolled in school orchestra programs and receive help with learning music for all state and other types of auditions. Recitals are presented at the end of each semester and a Strings Festival is held each Spring, in which students play memorized pieces before an adjudicator. Judges choose students to perform in an Honor's Recital and awards are presented to those students at the performance.

violin cello lessonsSUZUKI VIOLIN
All violin faculty members offer Suzuki as well as traditional violin lessons. This "mother tongue" method puts a great deal of emphasis on listening to music and performing often in a group setting. Students are able to begin their music training at an extremely early age with the aid of tiny instruments, which are readily available at Cary Music Supply. Parents are very much involved in the practice at home and are included in the lesson with the young child. Suzuki training includes a private lesson each week and a group lesson every other week. At the end of the semester, these groups perform in and around the community in malls, retirement centers, and special events.

suzuki violin lessonsVOICE
The study of voice at CSM includes all styles including opera, musicals, jazz, pop, blues, and gospel. Techniques of breathing, matching pitches, production of sound, musicianship, and presentation are all components of vocal lessons. Music is selected according to the abilities and talents of each student. For those who wish to audition for theater, chorus, or other events, a list of audition dates and times is posted and preparation for the audition can be a focus of the lessons. Master classes are offered during the semester for those who wish to hone their performance and audition skills.

woodwinds brass lessonsWOODWINDS/BRASS
Many of the woodwind and brass students at CSM are actively involved in band programs at their elementary, middle, or high schools. Much of the focus in the private lesson is on improving their technique and ability to perform specific pieces from those programs. Preparation for "challenges", all county, all state, and other auditions is an important focus of the lessons. Serious students who are graduating seniors are encouraged to present a solo recital and all students are offered recital opportunities.

drums percussion instructionsPERCUSSION
Highly qualified instructors at CSM offer lessons in all percussion instruments. Students who are enrolled in their school bands or orchestra programs enhance their technical skills and prepare for auditions in private lessons. Faculty members are proficient in all styles of performance, from classical to pop. The percussion studio is equipped with a full drum set for lessons.

Harp instruction is offered using a Lever Harp or a Pedal Harp, both of which are housed at Cary School of Music. Students ages 8 through adult are welcome to enroll anytime in private lessons and ensembles. Starter instruments (harpsicles or lap harps) are available for rent or purchase and no previous music study is required to begin lessons. Students are invited to participate in a recital each semester, including a special Christmas concert by the ensemble.

Whether experienced or just starting out in songwriting and recording, students proficient at their instrument (at least one year of experience) will develop the skills to write and record original compositions or arrange cover songs. Individual and group lessons available. No recording experience or special equipment is required, but students are encouraged to bring a smart phone, tablet, or laptop in order to get the most out of the class (additional recording equipment optional.) 

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